Sunday, October 17, 2010

Style Sunday.

I swear it's not my intention to have Carey Mulligan in every edition of this series but the girl sure can dress. She's the epitome of effortlessness cool in this Vionett tunic with a risky pattern that might've made other women look like a hippie art teacher from New Mexico.
The hair and makeup are flawless.

Keira Knightley is a complete vision in this simple Chanel dress. At first glance nothing seems entirely interesting about this look and some might say the creamy color washes Keira's pale complexion but look closer and you will notice hundreds of little pears holding the whole thing together.
For those who think pearls work better until you're an older lady this look kicks that conception right in the butt. The heavy black shoes to anchor the entire look are a stroke of genius!

What do you guys think about these two?


Robert said...

Oooh, Carey. I love it.

And I almost blew off Keira's look until you mentioned the shoes. Those shoes are brilliance.

Unknown said...

Thanks! :D
Glad to help the Keira cause.

Lucas Dantas said...

oh keira, those curves! i love her!