Monday, October 18, 2010

You've Got Mail.

"A Mr. Brett Favre stopped by and dropped off this picture of a hot dog."


Y'all know I LOVE 30 Rock. After just watching the West coast version of their brilliant live ep, all I've got to say is: best comedy show of the decade.
Did you guys see the live ep? Which version did you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I agree with liking the West Coast version. ALthough the good thing about having two episodes is that we sometimes get two jokes about the same thing.

simoncolumb said...

what is it about Brett Farve and comedy ... i know nothing about US sports but alas, he has come up in THERES SOMETHING ABOUT MARY and, clearly, 30 Rock!


Castor said...

Ahah love it, making fun of Brett's weener now :)

Unknown said...

okinawa: right on! Loved it, did you notice how the audience reacted more excited with Jon than with Matt? That was interesting, I'm wondering if they switched the audiences.

simoncolumb: Mr. Favre has apparently been distributing pictures of his penis lately so this joke was right on time. Loved the bit about the miners and Obamacare too.

Castor: LOL I know right. I laughed my ass off too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they switched the audience. And yes, Hamm > Damon.