Sunday, October 10, 2010

Style Sunday.

I love when my favorite actresses come out with superb looks and this week I have two of 'em.
First is the lovely Jennifer Garner in a floral print Zac Posen with black shoes and leggings.
This is how you do simple elegance!

Next is the iconic Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage. This dress reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw wore once but at the same time it takes me to somewhere back in time. What Ms. Parker is doing working with the label really is a rescue of pure American fashion.
I can't see where she takes the house next.

What do you think of these two gorgeous ladies?


Castor said...

Wow I could not even recognize Jennifer Garner in that picture until a 2nd and 3rd look. Looking different these days!

Jose said...

Haha is different good or bad?

Castor said...

Not in a good or bad way, just different ;)