Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Six Year Itch.

By now everyone has probably seen the first look of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe for My Week With Marilyn.
It's obvious by now that Williams wants Oscar. If the movie is released next year she'll most surely be nominated in 2012, making it the sixth anniversary of her first nomination for Brokeback Mountain.
Unlike half the world I am not yet convinced by Ms. Williams talents and for the moment am quite skeptical about her performance in this film. She just lacks the Monroe spark! I see that picture for example and think more of an art installation about "the shallowness of Hollywood" than a "yowza".
And that's what Marilyn always makes me feel. Williams aced the look but she seems to be more appropriate for a Dolce & Gabbana ad than a movie.
Speaking of D&G was Scarlett Johansson to busy baking for Ryan Reynolds that she missed out on this movie? Now that would've gotten me gasping for air almost immediately.
You know what made me real curious though, Kenneth Branagh and Julia Ormond as Larry and Vivien! Catherine Zeta-Jones had been cast to play her originally and as much as I dislike Mrs. Douglas sometimes she would've been perfect for this, more about that story here.


Robert said...

I really love Michelle Williams, but this picture isn't doing it for me. You're right - it's missing some sort of spark. But hopefully the actual performance surpasses this one picture. What I am excited about is Naomi Watts, as Marilyn.

Castor said...

I don't know man... Scar-Jo??? She would have the look but I don't think she is in the same league in terms of acting. Obvious Oscar-bait movie though.

Jose said...

Robert: Naomi will be mind-blowing!

Castor: ScarJo has a Tony award to disprove your skepticism :P

Castor said...

I hear she is better on stage but this is the movie world! ;)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Aaaah, Jose that's mean of you dangling ScarJo. She seems more Marilyn like for me. I've never been convinced of Michelle Williams, but I was surprisingly gripped by her performance in Shutter Island: so maybe there's hope for her yet.

I stand by an earlier post I had that puts forth Katie Heigl as a sort of doppelganger to Ms. Monroe.

Jose said...

I'm not dangling ScarJo! I'm saying she would've been perfect for this! I love Scarlett! I loathe that Heigl woman so I'm happy that Michelle got it and not her :P

simoncolumb said...

im not blown away by williams ... but something kinda works...

i think its her mouth!


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

jose that's dangling. it's like the pink elephant syndrome, you say it once and now i can't stop thinking about it. (and poor katie heigl, will she ever NOT be loathed by the masses.)

simon that last statement sounds dirty.