Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

After the truly hideous design the marketing team over at the Weinstein Co. had made for The King's Speech, it's refreshing to see they finally came up with something that's not only lovely but also brilliantly executed.
Colin Firth's lips look thinner than usual and very well represent the dilemma at the center of the plot, notice how the microphone coming from above actually seems to evoke something godly and how the entire thing is a version of Michelangelo's famous painting of God and Adam atop the Sistine Chapel.
I'm thinking that the Weisnteins redid their campaign because they must know what ugly posters can do to Oscar movies...

I have to confess when it comes to documentaries I'm the most unversed person alive. All I know is Michael Moore, some Errol Morris, Herzog (LOVE his docs!) and a slew of the preachy stuff that always win Oscars.
However I have never seen what some think of as the greatest documentary ever made: Shoah.
When it comes to it I tend to think like Annie Hall "four hours of suffering!" but seeing how it's getting a new release I'm wondering if I've truly been missing out on something great?
Have you all seen it, should I stop being lazy and rent it?

Also, kudos to my friend Andrew for spotting this.
He gets the honorary Sheet-y Saturday badge of honor.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Oh, Jose really? You think it was the poster that robbed Nine of its chances? Although since I can't think of any reason that one's worthy chewing on...I actually didn't think the original poster for The King's Speech was that awful, just really flat, I like this new one because (maybe I've over-reading) the microphone looks foreboding and his mouth is closed...which you won't expect since he's supposed to be giving a speech and all which is probably highlighting his speech issues,

(And thanks of course for the shoutout.)

Luke said...

Thank god they update The King's Speech posters. This is a vast step up. (I love your allusion to the God/Adam moment) ... now can we all agree that posters shouldn't be thrown together with the same amount of photoshop skills as, well... me? :)

Jose said...

Andrew: let me be haha, we both know Nine was better than they thought it to be.

(You're welcome)

Luke: I'm very glad as well, they'll obviously go with the awful design for the DVD cover but this poster will suffice in the meantime.