Sunday, December 26, 2010

When in Mars.

According to Robinson Crusoe on Mars these are absolute musts to pack when going to the red planet.

Adam West and a monkey in a space suit.

A strange little TV that apparently airs 60 Minutes on a loop.

The man who inspired Lady Gaga's album cover.

A bagpipe.

And this hat.

Don't you just love vintage sci-fi?


Luke said...

Oh god - the Lady Gaga crack was hysterical. They bear a striking resemblance. :) I think your next vintage sci-fi outing should be The Day of the Triffids. Just a suggestion.

Jose said...

Glad you enjoyed it :P
Ooh I'll try to find that one, I love sci-fi from this era, the campiest the better! Damn Kubrick for ruining it for us...