Sunday, December 5, 2010

Style Sunday.

Am I the only who gets the impression that Natalie Portman is still a child on the red carpet? As beautiful and fantastic as she can get to be onscreen, she still lacks a little something when making public appearances.
She always looks overpowered by the clothes she wears and shows this by posing in a stilted manner, with her shoulders back on every picture she's in. There's an adorable awkwardness to her that make us realize she tries hard to fit into Hollywood, even if she would just prefer to let her work speak for itself.
With this in mind I found this ensemble utterly perfect, the dress is perfect (it's Christian Dior people!) but what's so unique is her Olympia Le-Tan book clutch.
She holds onto it like a girl who would prefer to be on a library than a gala and as such it's a deliciously subversive fashion statement.

Ah Eva Mendes, if only you were as interesting onscreen as you are on the red carpet you'd appear in this site more often. Her Peter Som dress to announce the Spirit Awards nominees is fresh, elegant and if it doesn't scream "indie", then not even Ellen Page playing Michelle Williams in a Gus van Sant movie would.


Castor said...

Natalie looks lovely. Mendes too but I totally agree with you that she is quite unappealing as an actress.

Jose said...

She was kinda good in Bad Lieutenant though. Right?

Castor said...

I didn't think she was special or anything but certainly competent enough ;)

Anonymous said...

Portman needs a new stylist asap.