Friday, December 3, 2010


One could say almost every modern movie goddess has a classic counterpart. Julia has the blithe charm of Audrey, Cate all the technical mastery and command of Kate. Tilda's strange beauty and overpowering nature evokes Bette, while Charlize's classic aesthetics and harmless acting recall Grace. And if Sandra with all her likability is Doris, then Nicole is Garbo. Period.
I have tried to figure out who Julianne Moore would be and I have no idea.
All I can say about her is that she's completely unique. May she have a fantastic birthday today!


Magicub said...

Sometimes she reminds me of Susan Hayward. Ooops!
P.S. Hey great picture where did you get it?

Jose said...

Does she? Hayward was way too camp I think and not as versatile as Jules.
The picture's from Google.

Paolo said...

Stanwyck? Most of Moore's roles have the 'cool mom' archetype, and Stanwyck does that twice in her career. I'm not an expert on the actresses on the golden age. The only other actress then who banked on motherhood was Myrna Loy, and she's on a different scale than Moore.

Also, I vote for Tilda as the next Vanessa Redgrave who was the next Deborah Kerr.