Tuesday, December 28, 2010

FYC: Best Actress.

I saw the tattoo on your back it seems quite large.
Why did you get it done?

Why do you ask?

Pure curiosity.

For private reasons I will not discuss.

It must have hurt and taken time.

Yes, to both.


Luke said...

Is this from the third outing? I haven't seen it yet. But I must ask - am I in the minority (it definitely seems so) for preferring the second film to the first? I liked them both, of course, but just a point of interest. :)

Jose said...

Yup this is from Chapter 3.
Hmmm well on purely cinematic terms I prefer the first movie but the second one works as a fine thriller and Noomi's performance actually evolves with each chapter. She's fantastic in part two, so it's alright to be in this minority.

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