Sunday, August 29, 2010

Style Sunday.

This week, the lovely Drew Barrymore shows us how to make the most out of the same pair of shoes. In her case they're YSL pumps of course but bear with me to see the functionality she finds in a unique color (it's not neutral and it's not extreme either).
First she does casual for a TV show taping in a Richard Chai top, Camilla & Marc trousers and accessorizes with almost nothing but a discreet snake ring and her California girl lovely loose tresses.
Also, is there anyone in Hollywood with a sweeter smile?

Next she takes it to the red carpet with a stunning Malandrino dress with golden embroidery but she gives it an edge with a rocker-chic Balmain belt and the aforementioned pumps.
It's lovely to see Drew work so well with a stylist after being part of some utter fashion disasters.

Do you say yay or nay?


Anonymous said...

The shoes are adorable! too bad they look like slippers with the dress :S

Castor said...

Yay! Anything that doesn't look remotely like an exotic plant out of the Amazon or made out of cardboard and insulation foam gets a yay from me :)

Jose said...

Castor: hahaha so conservative.