Sunday, August 8, 2010

Style Sunday.

Jessica Biel might not have my greatest esteem as an actress but she's one helluva dresser.
She's a lovely overachiever in luscious Giambatista Valli for a premiere of The A-Team.
The simple Grecian draping is very in right now and her loose tresses compliment the ensemble in a beautifully understated way.

Unlike some of her Glee costars, Jayma Mays proves that in order to impress you don't need to forget what you are all about.
In a simple outfit consisting of a BCBG mini and Jimmy Choo clutch and shoes, Mays brings a certain something to a look that would've been more appropriate for a day out shopping, not a red carpet.
She's the epitome of humble grace.

Which look do you like best?


Castor said...

Yes Jayma Mays!! It doesn't get more simple than that and this is what I'm talking about when I talk about simple but elegant red carpet attire.

Lucas Dantas said...

and jessica biel shouts out: "can you feel me in stereo?" haha

i love jayma and i'm simpathetic on this look, but she looks like she's doing a cameo on reese witherspoon's "sweet home alabama" silly rom-com.

Jose said...

Castor: I'm happy we finally agree on a woman's attire hahahaha.

Ho: don't be mean, she's lovely. I find her whole cowgirl thing very unpretentious. Have you seen how awful Lea Michele looks when she dresses up for these events? She tries too damn hard.