Tuesday, August 17, 2010

May Noomi Forgive Me...

...but this David Fincher adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo keeps sounding better by the minute.
First came all the news about the amazing Daniel Craig being cast as Mikael!
Then Robin Wright as his lover Erika! (One of the richest roles in the series).
Now we finally have a Lisbeth! Her name is Rooney Mara, someone I was sure I'd never see again after that Freddy Kruger thing, alas her she is.
And doesn't seem to be half bad for the part, probably getting someone like Natalie Portman or Carey Mulligan would've been detrimental to the whole project given their notoriety.
Today though even better news came in the shape of the amazing Max von Sydow!
He's been cast as Henrik Vanger (the businessman who hires Mikael for the big investigation in the first installment).
I used to think this whole idea was a sure to be chaos but honestly I'm slightly excited now.
Of course I'm aware that this being a Hollywood thing means we will get the last movie until 2013 (I love that the Swedes shot them all at once and released the trilogy within a year, who has time to wait when the world is so chaotic!?!?) but at the rate it's going and with the parts left to cast this could in fact become an award worthy movie.
Or it could go the Bourne way and be discriminated agianst because of genre...
We shall see, for now let's all bask in the glory of more von Sydow onscreen (I wonder if the Swedish producers approached him to play any part in their own version of the movie...)


Castor said...

I must say, I, on the other hand, am not too excited about this remake. I like Fincher but honestly, I have seen the original version recently (a perfectly fine movie), why would I want to watch the same story again?

Jose said...

I agree, you know I love the original a lot but I'm thinking there's a lot that was left out from the book and maybe it would be interesting to see what Fincher does with it.
But honestly I guess this is being made because Americans are way too lazy to read subtitles.
Same with "Let the Right One In" and "Tell No One" which are being remade as we speak.

Luke said...

Say it isn't so! Tell No One is being remade?? Pishaw! I haven't gotten around to seeing the original of Dragon Tattoo, but I certainly plan to. I simply don't understand this urgency with remaking it. I understand it's a hot property but really? Let the story have time to rest before smacking it onto the big screen again!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Robin Wright? I'm in on that lone, I REALLY want her to get a stellar role and knock it out of the park.

okinawaassault said...

Also, because subtitled movies only get distribution to the big cities. And Hollywood wants to tell these stories to the suburban/small town masses, but really they wanna make their own money out of them.

Jose said...

Luke: oh yes, the remakes keep racking up. I think it's "nice" of the studios to want the masses to enjoy the foreign stories others do but yeah it's a bit lazy as well.
You MUST watch the original!

Andrew: IF this movie goes well and her character is well written I can totally see her owning this character and getting awards and crap for it.
It's truly a helluva character!

okinawaassault: amen.

Burning Reels said...

The original is on my rental list. Nice to see Von Sydow still getting decent parts - his performance (which i'm guessing helped) in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was heartbreaking.

Jose said...

Burning: I agree, he's such a splendid actor! That small part in Diving Bell was absolutely shattering. I love him.