Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Wear.

The Emmys are over, the winners didn't suck (although I was a bit sad to see 30 Rock dethroned, at least it was by the worthiest of its competitors) and now it's time to talk clothes.

Best Dressed

January Jones is a risk taker.
The woman probably never wears anything that won't cause a stir among fashion journalists the next day. What's remarkable about her, is how comfortable she always looks in avant garde couture. She doesn't seem to plan ahead, it's as if her choices, as futuristic and loony as they seem, just are.
She pays homage to Madonna, the ocean and her own Betty Francis in this asymmetric Atelier Versace. The loose hair and simple makeup allow the intense color to shine through and even if the shoes could've been a little bit better, the overall look is a winner.

From out there to timeless elegance, Jayma Mays is all kinds of perfect in a dark blue Burberry Prorsum dress. The hair is perfect and that Egypt-inspired necklace gives her the perfect finishing touch.

Oh Tina Fey, why didn't you wear this to the Oscars? This Oscar de la Renta black and grey gown, follows most of the rules Tina plays by on the red carpet and works because of that.
She knows what works for her and whenever she leaves her comfort zone, she ends up looking, well uncomfortable.
Gotta love the argyle-meets-hieroglyphics-by-way-of-Tron embroidery.

Anna Paquin is another risk taker, why would the True Blood star wear Armani or Oscar de la Renta to an awards show, when it's so obvious she can be a bit more kick-ass in Alexander McQueen?
The mid length and long tail bottom is an architectural wonder (see how it flows!) and the bolero inspired top is truly breathtaking. She's like a warrior princess in couture.

Dianna Agron might not have the most interesting character on Glee but she sure showed her other female costars how it's done on the red carpet (Lea Michele should really take a cue from her in how to smile naturally on the red carpet).
Her lace Carolina Herrera might not be the most youthful thing for her to wear but the construction is so delicate and elegant that it works wonders with Agron's Barbie-like features.

Worst Dressed

I love Christina Hendricks but this lavender Zac Posen really didn't do her any favors.
The pale color washes out her already too white skin and those feathers near her already prominent bosom look just plain tacky.
Like something out of a trashy Mae West movie.

Sofía Vergara is beautiful but her glittery Carolina Herrera would be more adequate for a beauty pageant than a red carpet.

Heidi Klum seems to have forgotten the rest of her Marchesa gown at home.
We get that she's one of the most beautiful women around and that she has a killer body after giving birth to a million children but this seems like a too desperate attempt to remind us she matters.

I love Julie Bowen but her J. Mendel dress was a bit of a letdown. The details on her hips are stunning but the top makes her look like a wilting flower.
She joked how she was trying to cover up the baby fat (apparently everyone gave birth before this year's Emmys) but that doesn't mean she should've replaced it with laziness.
Bless her for her beautiful smile though.

Do I need to explain?

Twinkle-twinkle little starlet

Heather Morris and the bottomlessly talented Claire Danes are essentially wearing the same thing. Morris looks wonderful in an Ina Soltani golden dress with a perfect black belt that makes her body look Marilyn worthy.
Danes in Armani Privé looks a bit too pale in her own take of the glittery trend...

...but Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter shows them both how it's done. Her glitter isn't golden or silver but a dark metallic and instead of opting for the oh-so-easy strapless cut, she goes with a magnificent one long sleeve version.
Her luscious hair covers the other shoulder and the entire look might be the sexiest thing of the night.

Did you enjoy the Emmys? Who wore it best in your opinion?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Jayma Mays does look smoking, but I didn't watch the red carpet or notice anyone. The Emmy's was horribly bland...(no surprise, though).

Luke said...

Poor, poor Christina Hendricks. She should really just get the Mad Men crew's costumers to dress her for these events... And I was kind of disappointed with January - mostly because of the unkempt hair and how she kept giving crazyface to the camera so much... My girl Peggy looked great though! :)

Jose said...

Andrew: the winners were right for once though.

Luke: I know :( But she looked so fantastic at the creative Emmys (see last Sunday's post) why didn't she save that look for the big ones?
Elizabeth Moss looked delicious.

Mike Lippert said...

Am I the only one who doesn't find Hendricks attrative. Sure she's got big boobs and that's why she gets attention but so what, I don't find her that pretty.

Jose said...

Mike: I don't think she's "pretty" or "attractive", I'm just in love with what she does with her character on "Mad Men" and since I have a thing for actresses, I have a thing for her. Her Joan, is a thing of pure wonder, what she does with a smile, a gesture, the wardrobe...

MJD said...

January Jones, Dianna Agron, and Claire Danes all made my Best Dressed. January looked stunning. She takes risks and I almost always think that the risks she takes pay off.

Anonymous said...

Oops. Thought that January Jones and Anna Paquin were the same person yesterday for some reason.

But yeah, JJ and Betty are the same in a way that their model/general past helped them dress riskier sartorial choices. Love your write-up which, in all sincerity, made me see the light.

Jose said...

MJD: amen.

okinawaassault: hahaha I can see why you would think they're the same person, especially when both of them are in every "worst dressed" list right now.
I'm so flattered you enjoyed reading this! No light to be found here, just a fashion dissenter blabbering about what he likes hehe.