Sunday, September 12, 2010

Style Sunday.

This week playing "The Doppelgangers Strike a Pose".

Look it's Kate Beckinsale playing Ava Gardner in The Aviator!
Wait a minute...
It's Rebecca Hall at the Venice Film Festival red carpet! A vision out of Golden Age Hollywood, Hall is all kinds of magnificent in a teal design by the house of Vionnet that shows us how to do sexy and classy.
Everything about the look is perfection! The bracelets, the shoes (you can't wear black shoes with anything and she sure knows when they work to accentuate something), the clutch (the color!) and the hair!
Someone get her in a period movie ASAP!

Look it's Carey Mulligan!
No it's's none other than Michelle Williams looking fantastic in a pixie cut and pale, almost nude, color Jason Wu (that resembles the Azzaro Carey wore a few months ago to a Cannes red carpet).

What do you think about these looks?


Lazarus Lupin said...

I have all the style of a waxed walrus, but I liked the first image the best. It does evoke old time hollywood.

Lazarus Lupin
Art and Review

Unknown said...

Hahaha that is one funny image but if you like that image then you might not be so bad mister!
I love whenever someone tries old Hollywood and succeeds at it, this one is an A!

Castor said...

Rebecca Hall is so tall and lanky!