Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

Today we have two examples of how to do the poster for an adult thriller. One of them's bad, the other's simply outstanding.
First up is the lazy, lazy Fair Game design. I'm really interested in this movie but the marketing team seems to want to make me look elsewhere. First up was that by-the-numbers trailer that made the plot seem like a Lifetime drama and not the actual, too amazing to be real, spy story it is. Now there's this lackluster poster that seems to have been made by the kind of person who had trouble staying inside the line when coloring as a child (those titles couldn't be less symmetrical if they tried! It's impossible to read what this poster has to say with words everywhere!).
Then there's the fact that the actors seem to be in completely different movies. Naomi Watts seems to be auditioning to play Matt Damon in a Bourne poster (not coincidentally Doug Liman directed this and the first Bourne installment) and Sean Penn seems to be still playing Harvey Milk.

Next we have this incredible design for, wait for it, the new Paul Haggis movie.
That was enough of a surprise for me before digging into the richness of the poster and how it plays with the "movie star floating head" in an unexpected way. Reminds me of that poster form Premonition with Sandra Bullock's face made out of branches.
Excellent all over.

Seen anything interesting in your theater lobby?


Jason H. said...

I too am impressed with the poster for The Next Three Days, though the trailer for that film didn't sell it to me. Fair Game looks like the better film.

Danny King said...

I agree that both posters are solid, although the one for "The Next Three Days" catches my eye much more. I'm not terribly eager to see either of these films, if only because they seem to be treading familiar territory.

Castor said...

The Next Three Days movie poster looks absolutely stunning! I would pay for it ;) Fair Game's just look so banal, anyone with some decent photoshop skills can do that in one hour or less...

Unknown said...

I agree Jason, I'm really excited about "Fair Game"!

Danny: true but I do like getting grown up films now and then, sooo tired of the summer crap hehehe.

Castor: one hour? ten minutes sounds more likely and to think they're getting paid millions to do stuff like that...

Castor said...

Forgive me, my photoshop skills range between novice and beginner ;)

Unknown said...

Hahahaha you know what I mean though! Ten might be too little but still how can they pay a marketing team to come up with stuff like that?
Photoshop's fairly easy, just soooo tedious to use sometimes.

RC said...

the fair games poster is lazy but does tell us that it's Naomi's baby, not Penns.

Watts is front and center, her name comes first, and the tag line is about her "wife.mother.spy." althought if you ask me the tag line is lazy as well as sounds like the tag line for "Adventure's in Baby Sitting 2: The Mommy Chronicles."

The other poster - agreed. Haggis' team has done nice work here.