Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Girl.

The lovely Carey Mulligan turns 25 today.
Here she is in all her idiosyncratic glory wearing a stunning Azzaro creation at the Cannes Film Festival (her look is straight out of a 1930's movie! I love it!).
Carey has two big profile movies coming later this year, do you think her star making turn in An Education was a one hit wonder or will she prove her worth in years to come?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

She shall continue to excel!!!

she was pretty sweet in The Greatest even though the film was no good, so I'm betting on her.

Jose said...

Have not seen that one, should I?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Should you see it...hmmm, you're so tough. I mean when you hate, you HATE it. It's a bit over-sentimental, it's short and yet slow but it's least I think so (see HERE). Don't rush out to see it though, it's not that good.