Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jury Couture.

Now that the Cannes Film Festival is over, it's time to concentrate on what's really important*: how the jury members looked.

*I say this only because films out of Cannes are distributed by Satan who makes sure most of us never get to see them.

This time let's focus on the fabulous Kate Beckinsale, whose inclusion in the jury left me scratching my head. Other than her beauty has she really made a big contribution to cinema?
I mean she was excellent in Nothing But the Truth (in my mind she boycotted Naomi Watt's chances of getting an acting award for Fair Game because she essentially played the same part a mere two years ago) but other than that her filmography is quite lacking to say the least.

What she knows how to do though is wear a dress.

Let's take a look at her Cannes outfits.

She was stunning in Gucci Premiere with a color that did wonders for her.
Considering that the line debuted at the festival and everyone wore the dresses, it's pretty safe to say that Kate did it best.

She continued a current trend by wearing an Armani Privé from the moon inspired collection (I honestly haven't seen a bad dress in this collection).
The sculptural gown showed her figure beautifully and the sparkly shoulder appliqués (plus that risqué shoulder pad) are magnificent.

Some people found this Balmain to be quite unappealing for the red carpet.
But I think that considering how outrageous Cannes fashion usually is, this unorthodox color and style made a statement that recalled Rita Hayworth.

For the festival's opening night, Beckinsale chose a pale Marchesa that literally made her look heavenly.
The severe, yet playful, Pompadour gave the look a delicious old continent flavor.

In an eggplant and lavender Dior dress, the lovely jury member paved her way among the paparazzi.
Notice how she's technically wearing the same Pompadour as before but gives it an altogether different feeling with the lack of accessories.

Beckinsale was luscious in a Greek inspired Temperley London design which gave the Chopard gala a sweet, but elegant, mood.
Letting her hair down she's a walking invitation for a barefoot champagne party at the beach later.

How do you think Beckinsale fared at jury duty?


Luke said...

Yeah, the Beckinsale inclusion is a puzzler. I mean, she must really have been around for the eye candy. I can't think of anything I've seen her in that I was particularly impressed with... I guess Nothing But the Truth should be one to check out.

Jose said...

Oh yes you must watch it, it went by quite under the radar in the midst of the crazy 08 awards season, it also features Vera Farmiga's best performance to date.

Castor said...

I concur with Nothing but the Truth. Definitely her best performance to date (not hard I know). She sure knows how to wear a dress though :)

Jose said...

She does Castor! that I remember she was quite good in "The Aviator" although obviously her Ava was steamrolled by Cate's Kate.

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