Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stay Away From This Film Today!

"I figure that everyone is entitled to just so much happiness in life. Some get it in the beginning and some in the middle and others at the end.
And then there are those who have it spread thin all through the years."
- Ma Cooper (Beulah Bondi) to her husband (Victor Moore) in Make Way for Tomorrow

And if you don't, go and give your mom the biggest hug you can!


Simon said...

My mother always gets a big hug. How dare you assume otherwise.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

My mother spent the entire watching Imitation of Life and then I watched Mildred Pierce...two lovely daughters. Eh?

Jose said...

Simon: never expected otherwise from you.

Andrew: hahaha that's kinda funny in a very dark way. I usually go for corny movies during these kinds of days.