Monday, February 2, 2009

While I Was Gone...

...I did not get engaged to an average looking, stock actor, but hey anytime's a good time to see some Anne right?
What I did however was realize how lost I am without internet at home.
After waiting for an entire week for the people to come fix my connection (does that happen everywhere or am I victim of Third World-ism?) today I'm posting or what has seemed like an eternity.
So to make up for the lost time let's see what happened while I was gone...
I saw "Nothing But the Truth" which turned out to be a great movie, not the silly, Ashley Judd-esque thriller I was expecting.
It seems "Slumdog Millionaire" got Danny Boyle the DGA award. This one was a shoe-in, they all love the direction, now it pretty much has a clean path towards the big one at the Kodak.
I also saw the simply awful "Seven Pounds", most of the time I like to make up my own opinion about movies and see everything even when the critical reception has been awful, but this time I wish I'd been paying attention.
Well I went on discount day so I can't be that stingy about it.
I also re-wacthed "Revolutionary Road" (how did they snub Thomas Newman's score is a head scracther), attended a screening of "Bride Wars" which wasn't half as terrible as I thought it'd be. Best thing to do for movies like this is go with your closest friends when you're all in need for some light, make that very light, fun. I fell the minute I saw Anne Hathaway in short shorts, dancing with a male stripper and doing the sexiest version of "the robot" ever (I always fall for dance-offs).
Don't watch this movie with feminists, lesbians or straight men; they will either kill you or try to exert a great revenge on you after watching this.
Oh and I was shocked, shocked to learn that "Kung-Fu Panda" swept the Annies leaving "WALL-E" empty-handed. What the hell went wrong there?
Anyone care to answer do so, I've missed the "blog talk".


woodstock said...

yup i'd watch bride wars only for anne. but i'll wait up on dvd - actually i'll wait till a friend rents it and invites me over to see it. u.u

what are the annies?

and i'm excited to see nothing but the truth. i've always had a thing for beckinsale, although i never dared to see her vampire movies.

mB said...

The only way I can explain the Kung Fu Panda > Wall-E Annie stuff is by seeing it as a 'Okay, Pixar we've had enough of your clean sweeps round here, let's spread the wealth' - other than that, i doubt anyone else out there believes the Panda is better than the adorable robot.

Here's hoping AMPAS wises up and bestows upwards of 3 awards to Wall-E (I'm hoping for a 6-for-6 tally, but I'm just optimistic like that) and makes it all okay again.