Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Oscar Class of 2009.

When all is said, done, and awarded, the truth is that the Oscars are still great because, taking Madge out of context, they make the people come together.
Be it the three billion who were watching tonight, or me and my friends, they always assure that for one night at least people coming from all different kinds of backgrounds get together, have fun, drinks and food while watching a show where almost nobody has seen the nominees and mlost of the time we never agree with the winners.
But whether it be the fact that Penélope Cruz's gorgeous speech got a couple of my friends teary eyed or that we all had a blast watching who was wearing what and fantasizing about what Jennifer Aniston could've thrown Angelina when she presented an award, they still guarantee a degree of communion, fun and love for the movies (especially those we want to see more after they win something...) that practically nothing else does.
I'll post my analysis of the show tomorrow, I've had too much sangría to bother tonight, but I'll mention some of the things I'm just dying to write about.
Like the fact, of course, and anyone who's visited this site will know, I was ecstatic after Penélope won! I was actually shaking with excitement (I thank the Academy for ridding me of my most awaited award very early in the night, because it gave me the chance to drink as much as I wanted for the three hours after it...).
I also loved Kate Winslet's win, she is the epitome of what an actress should be and while I'm not so sure I loved the show's new concept, they were still pretty great entertainment.
But back to the original subject of this post, most of all I want to thank all the people who've joined me this year; those who had to listen to my eternal Oscar rants when they wanted to talk about important stuff and those who actually take the time to come and read my crazy thoughts on cinema.
Without all of you, this would've never been so great.


Mark said...

That looks like a fun group of people, haha.
So, yes, it was a great night and a fun one. I'm so happy for Penelope. She really deserved it. Overall, thanks for the rants and crazy thoughts, and hopefully 2009 will be a hell of a film year.

Matt said...

glad yall enjoyed it... i loved it. it was worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Oh no hun, thanks to you for the wonderfull evening.