Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Harvey Girls.

Hooray for Penélope! (Click on the picture to see the video and links to the other speeches)
She got her first major award for her role in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and her Audrey Hepburn redux look just blew me away. I now take back all the meh comments I did in the previous post. The lovely Kate Winslet got Best Actress for "The Reader" and if there is justice, both of them will translate as winners for Oscar.
Now what I really enjoyed is how happy they both looked, now they're out of each other's way they look so ecstatic winning awards.
Notice how Penélope effusively hugs Kate on her way up to the podium, after all they both are on the Weinstein team and all throughout her speech Kate just glows for Penélope.
In a recent interview Cruz said “Kate and I have become very close even though we have only met three times. Everyone likes to think there’s rivalry between us but that’s not true.”
Perhaps even she knew her category fraud was stealing away from Cruz's thunder, anyways I'm thrilled for both of them, who cares if Weinstein shaped Winslet's performance for Oscar win when she's so damn good!
Now I'll go see the Grammys, be pissed off at yet another Academy and let go of my movie thoughts for the night.
May M.I.A, Coldplay, Madge and Radiohead come out triumphant...

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Matt said...

yay penelope. i will be all about a kate/penelope repeat on oscar night. kate is due especially... i'm sad MIA didn't win last night, but performing on her due date? wow. and i've been listening to 'paper planes' like a dozen times today.