Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscars 08: Fashion Split Decision

Risks sometimes work, sometimes don't.
These three ladies' choices, like the nuns from the movie, still have me in doubt.

The lovely Amy Adams almost but vanishes in this too red gown by Carolina Herrera. She's always glamorous, but the color choice, and those weird black lines on the top, make her lack a certain something.

Wearing Rodarte, the goddess like Natalie Portman looks beautiful, then sorta cheap, then beautiful again, then sorta cheap and you get it...
Her hair and makeup are flawless, but the extremeness of the color make you dizzy while reminding you of Pepto. Both its sickness and its cure?

Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon (would you have included her in the Best Actress presentation? If so whom would you have replaced for her?) dons an asymmetrical black and blue Rodarte dress which evokes spirals, classic Givenchy and Elvira Mistress of the Dark.
When the blue part alone would've been very Nina Ricci, the black stripes of fabric on top seem like parts of another dress altogether.
Reese always wins with her personality and the dress only seemed odd after she was offscreen, but perhaps Kate and Laura Mulleavy's line isn't ready for mainstream TV wear yet.

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mB said...

Natalie: approve.
Amy: the accessories save the dress
Reese: I have no words, wtf?

Kelsy said...

Natalie Portman was my favorite of the night. But I always think she's gorgeous.

Sally Belle said...

I agree with you on Portman. I felt the same. The color looked cheap.

I hate Amy Adams dress and also Witherspoon.