Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Quickie Through the Orange Carpet.

Since I've no BBC or SKY or something that airs the BAFTAs, the next best thing I'm left with, while waiting for the results is fashion.
I've noticed the stars usually tone it down for these awards, they all wear sober, rather usual dresses in dark colors or go the entire opposite way and "dress up" (last year's Marion Cotillard mini-feathered-sequin creation was a breath of fresh air and a bold choice that looked good despite its riskiness).
As usual this time everyone wore black, it was expected of Meryl, but even Angelina Jolie donned the color, at least this time her dress has shape, not like those weird moo-moo/toga things she's been wearing in like forever.
Anyways without further ado, here are the loveliest women I saw:

Did you really think I wasn't going to include her?
Her hair is perfection (and very "Broken Embraces") and while I'm not fully loving the velvety black, she looks gorgeous.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed so that she has her first big award moment of the season tonight.
Go Penélope!

Freida Pinto is a beautiful woman and she knows it, but if she doesn't she should log on to the internet and watch how we all talk about her (skipping the acting parts of course). A vision in pink she forces me to wonder is there any color she won't look like a vision in?

Even the lovely Marisa Tomei got into the "Slumdog" groove...
But her sari is nothing short of majestic.
And I just realized the three women I chose are all Best Supporting Actress nominees grrr.
I wouldn't be completely offended if Marisa won, next to Penélope she's the one I'm rooting for.
And last I checked the ceremony was turning into a "Benjamin" "Slumdog" lovefest.

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