Saturday, February 7, 2009

Penélope Times Nine.

If I had taken the time to make one of those "most expected of the year..." lists, Rob Marshall's adaptation of "Nine" would've topped my countdown.
Not only is it based on one of my favorite, and greatest, films of all time, but it's got some of the most talented, beautiful working actresses in its impressive ensemble.
OK I know I've posted about "Nine" before, but I've ran out of excuses to post about Penélope.
It might be quite impossible to imagine, but little less than four years ago she was one of the actresses I despised the most.
Which gives me an idea for a future Cruz post...


woodstock said...

i watched vcb with purki last nite. our dream is to be maría elena! i don't think a movie character never electrified me so much since miranda priestley!

Matt said...

i'm so pumped about 'nine'