Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ladies Who Luncheon.

I have always loved the Oscar Nominees Luncheon, not only do I have a thing for those life sized Oscar statuettes people pose by, but I love the spirit of community (mostly notable in the famous group pic) and how they all look so happy. Plus the informal wear is usually to die for, except for whatever it is Marion Cotillard was wearing last year.

Anne is all princessy in what looks like Prada, I might be wrong, but that looks like lace and they've been the ones doing it. If she outdoes the Marchesa from last year, which I didn't love but saw great potential in, she'll be a queen.

I love how effortless Amy Adams is, she always chooses the most appropriate colors for her beautiful hair color, when she wore emerald green to the Oscars she looked simply stunning.

I like to think that the lovely Penélope Cruz listened to my advice and finally started turning things up a notch in the makeup department. This fresh look is the kind of makeup I was talking about a few posts ago and notice how even if her outfit is simple and practical, the way the whole thing looks together is wonderful.

'Nuff said.
Now bring on the Oscars!


mB said...


Matt said...

i think anne hathaway is the winner of these, though amy adams is wonderful... all lovely ladies though.

Michael Parsons said...

Did you see Viola though!?? She knocked them all out!

woodstock said...

i think kate winslet is one of those famous people i adore that when i meet in person i'll prolly do something very idiotic, like fainting.