Monday, February 23, 2009

"Suck that up Meryl!"

If Meryl Streep isn't G-d then she fakes it very well.
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woodstock said...

ohh i think i loved the oscars now. lol i felt some parts were kinda boring, but thinking about it these parts mostly are, like speeches from tech people and blablabla. overally everyone seemed willing to make that a marvelour night for themselves and for the people watching the telecast. although i missed the red carpet i remember feeling good about how radiant everyone seemed.

anne hathaway IS the cutest human being. today i saw "bride wars" and i just liked it cos it was a marvel to look at anne. i wonder how i'll feel when i finally see "rachel getting married".

i loooooooved penelope and the moment i saw her i thought of audrey. and i knew you'd get the thought!

and i think you should add a person on the fashion thing. i hate angelina and was determined to hate her this year for stealing sally hawkins spot, but her jewelry this year just got me mouth-dropped whenever she appeared.

Matt said...

that was such a wonderful moment with kate up there... definitely made the evening.