Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Before I Have to Move On...

I promise this is the last Penélope picture I post this week, I found this one and I just loved her smile so much that I had to share with everyone else.
So, browsing through IMDB today I read the following news.
First of all, interesting that they're shooting this new film so little after the vastly underrated "Nothing But the Truth", which came and went with few, if no, notices in the rush of awards season.
Can it be a "Capote", "Infamous" situation? And if so could this put Naomi Watts in the game again? Watts is, again, a very underrated actress, she's been nominated for an Oscar one single time and arguably deserved nominations for "Mulholland Drive", "The Painted Veil" (although 2006 Best Actress was just too flawless...) and especially for "King Kong".
Kate Beckinsale got a few mentions for her masterful work in the Rod Lurie film, but the movie was just "inspired" by true events, while the Watts' project is the "real deal".
Awards people just love biopics so let's see how this goes.
And then Woody Allen with that cast!
If he gets Penélope to a place even as remotely as good as he did with "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" I'll probably explode from excitement.
OK now that awards season is over tomorrow we must resume "normal" writing, I had to give up on a big project I had for the whole year (an homage of sorts to the 70th anniversary of some of the greatest films ever made...) but I'll be sure to squeeze some of it at some point.
Tomorrow expect reviews for "Coraline" and "He's Just Not That Into You".


Matt said...

penelope is following up her oscar win with a great year of performances.

woodstock said...

im so in love with penelope and kate winslet! i never felt this way for any best actress ever since nicole kidman.

and yeah that cast from the next woody! what a painting!