Tuesday, January 25, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Oscar) Things:

  • Dogtooth made it to Best Foreign Language Film!!!!!
  • John Hawkes got in for Winter's Bone.
  • Toy Story 3 got 5 nominations! I still don't get how is it that Wall-E still seems to be the most nominated animated film ever if it didn't even make it to Best Picture back in the sad '08. But whatever: Pixar is perfection!
  • Despite the odds Nicole Kidman received her third Best Actress nomination! She's my second favorite in the category after swan lady. Also, is it me or is this the first time in ages that the Leading Actor and Actress categories are all made up by extremely good looking people?
  • Outside the Law, which I haven't seen, got in Best Foreign Language Film despite France's outrage at it even being considered.
  • Unlike last year, I truly love 1/3 of the Best Picture nominees. I'd kicked out The King's Speech, Inception and the obnoxious 127 Hours in a heartbeat though but hey at least neither of them is The Blind Side.
How about you? were you particularly thrilled about anyone? How awesome is it that Jacki Weaver made the final cut over Mila Kunis?


Lucas Dantas said...

*turns oprah voice on*


*turns ophra voice off*

simoncolumb said...

you've been LAMB mobbed apparently ... but you'd kick out KINGS SPEECH!! no no no...

Simon said...


Victory for all people who scoff at the blatant Oscar-baiting likes of Waiting for Superman and Conviction. Brought right back down at The King's Speech.

No Barbara Hershey?

CMrok93 said...

I'm not all that disappointed with the Oscars this year, except no love for Christopher Nolan, or The Town for that matter. However, it doesn't matter all that much really since The Social Network is practically going to win everything it's nominated for. Which kind of blows, but hey it really was an amazing piece of work. Can't wait for the show!

Luke said...

Though I was bummed to see Garfield getting the boot as a result, I was pretty stoked to see Hawkes make it too. Though I've liked him better in other things, I've gotta root for the guy from Minnesota. And now that autograph I got of his about 15 years ago when he was playing Jimmy Stewart's part in a community theater production of Harvey might actually be worth something! :)

Robert said...

Haha! We're pretty much excited about the same things. And really, the fact that "Inception" is my least favorite Picture nominee is saying something about how good the quality of that 10 really is.

Burning Reels said...

Overall, I was fairly pleased with the nominations (as much I can be nowadays, as we already know so much before they're announced).

Particularly appreciate the strong Best Actress category (and any Blue Valentine love is better than no love), the minor surprise of John Hawkes (plus I wasn't crazy about Garfield's performance like some), Mark Ruffalo making it, Dogtooth, I Am Love's costume design nomination and Jacki Weaver.

Some kinda crazy tie creating an extra Best Actress slot for Julianne Moore would have made me even happier...