Sunday, January 9, 2011

Style Sunday.

In this edition the gorgeous Leighton Meester in gray x 2.

First she shows some leg (and her amazing body!) in this unconventional Versace. At first I would've never guessed this design was from the house of Donatella because of its conservative patterns and Burberry-esque details (maybe the leg thing gives it away a bit...)

Then she dons this stunningly simple Vionett with a leaf cut and colorful appliqués.
This young lady is truly giving Blake a run for her money in the style department.

In which V do you prefer Leighton?


Luke said...

Strange! When I looked at that first picture, until I read its caption, I totally thought it was Diane Lane! Is that totally off-base or can anyone else see the resemblance??

Jose said...

Haha not really seeing it Luke...

Robert said...

I think that Vionett is adorable! IMO it works better on Leighton. The Versace isn't my favorite.

I can kind of see the Diane Lane thing though...

Lucas Dantas said...

i love leighton's style. i even love her weird ones like the louis vuitton she wore at the 2009's met gala.

although i never question blake's classic choices, like sometimes i do with leighton, i'm more and more in love with the later's courage in playing with her style.

the vionett is simply gorgeous! i love the gray's effortless chicness.the flowery appliqués make think of spring, which gives the look a certain romantic melancholy - i wish i could see her earrings better.

as for the vesace - well, i've become a sucker for donatella lately. and i agree with you that the conservative patterns don't make you instantly think of versace, but once you notice the leg thing (as u mentioned) plus how the dress perfectly molds her waistline and boobs, you know who delivers this kind of sexiness.

i can't pick my favorite though. lol

Jose said...

Robert: Vionett seems to do no wrong.

Ho: you ARE Donatella with the big arms and the tan!