Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Looks.

Last night's Golden Globes were as predictable as well, the Oscars (not a faulty winner anywhere though) so let's concentrate on the only source of real pleasure we can always be assured to get from award shows: fashion.
This time around I'll concentrate just on the things I loved. It would be too easy to start condemning celebrities for how bad they looked (ScarJo, that hair...) and well today I'm in a great mood. So without further ado:

Everyone and their moms wondered what mom-to-be Natalie Portman would wear and she defied all our expectations by looking positively angelical in this Viktor and Rolf column dress.
The soft pink made her look divine and that embroidered rose kept calling the attention to her tummy and her breathtaking smile.
She didn't even need that Globe to look this divine.

January Jones in Versae kept reminding me of Madonna circa 1990. The classic siren hair, the red lips. Whoever says she's an ice queen will probably melt with this look.

I would've never guessed this dress was Vera Wang. Perhaps I'm used to seeing Wand gowns in petite, often flat chested girls which was why this look on Sofia Vergara was mindblowing.
boy has she come a long way...

I most certainly don't like Angelina Jolie but I couldn't help thinking how beautiful she looked in this emerald green Versace. The way it brought up her eyes was astonishing.

New mom Nicole Kidman was a vision in cream Prada. The statuesque actress pulls off looking regal like very few women can.

Olivia Wilde was just perfect in Marchesa. The chocolate degradé and the sparkles which could've been too prom-like worked wonders with her loose hairdo and simple makeup.

Jennifer Lawrence keeps impressing us with her poise and natural beauty. If someone ahd told me the little girl from Winter's Bone could pull off Louis Vuitton like this, I would've deemed you insane. Now I'm dying to see what she'll wear during the rest of the season.

Many actresses tried to pull off the slightly granny look - think Meryl Streep accepting her Oscar for Sophie's Choice and Kate Hepburn in Long Day's Journey Into the Night - but failed miserably (ScarJo and Sandra Bullock I'm looking at you).
The sexy Leighton Meester did it beautifully in this simple Burberry that looked quite "normal" on the surface but had a stunning leg opening.

My absolute favorite look of the night belonged to my beloved Anne Hathaway in Armani Privé. If the curve hugging from, in all of its Metropolis meets Joan of Arc glory, wasn't stunning enough, she had an open back that made your jaw simply fall to the floor. Just wow!

So, who was your fave? Did you enjoy HBC's cookiness? Don't limit yourself to clothes though. Any winners you particularly disliked?


Candice Frederick said...

out of these women i'd say olivia wilde and jennifer lawrence knocked it out of the park. those others should have gone back to the drawing board.

Castor said...

I would say Olivia Wilde looks the best from the pictures. I almost wish I watched it for Ricky Gervais tearing into all of them people! Natalie Portman already looks preggie, scary!

Danny King said...

I thought Emma Stone looked amazing.

Jose said...

Candice: awww, who was your favorite overall?

Castor: you should've's not like they're the VMAs, the Globes are always fun!

Danny: indeed, not sure I'm feeling the blond hair though.

Lucas Dantas said...

i never get enough of her! her fashion choices are turning to be more wonderful at each award. i guess pregnancy is making rachel zoe beyond inspired - i can't wait to see all of anne's oscar looks!

Jose said...

I know! She's just magnificent, we'll die seeing her on Oscar night!