Sunday, January 30, 2011

Style Sunday.

This week featuring Diane Kruger.

Ms. Kruger is inarguably one of the most fashion forward celebrities on the planet and each look has her display a remarkable appropriation of whatever she's wearing.
Here we have her in a stunning Gucci cocktail dress, with layers of frills and embroidery. See how basically the three looks she has here, are all essentially simple, cocktail dresses but each has its own personality.

Here in Chanel she has a look that's both feminine and romantic while being aggressively opulent. The color fits her like a glove and the dress' details compliment her fragile look.

This dress proves what I say time and time again: Diane Kruger is Chanel.

Where do you stand with Ms. Kruger? Is she a fashion icon, a loony dresser, a good actress?


Robert said...

Yes, yes, yes. All three things. Gosh, she's always so fashionable...I just hope she starts getting some good roles after her great work in "Inglourious Basterds"!

Jose said...

I prefer her as a fashion icon than an actress but yes, that part in "Basterds" blew me away. I never saw it coming, I want more!

Lucas Dantas said...

i love her in basterds... and i liked that crazy beethoven film with ed harris.

but as a fashion icon, i simply never doubt this woman!! i love everything she wears and hey, these 3 looks are breathtaking!

muebles leon said...

I fully match with whatever thing you've presented.