Monday, January 31, 2011

SAG Looks.

God bless Tina Fey. By ditching her beloved black for once, she achieved her best look ever on the red carpet. This red Oscar de la Renta makes her look sexier than she's ever looked and gives her a newfound sense of freshness. Let's hope she carries this to the Oscars (I'm assuming she'll present an award there...)

If something makes me happy about Nicole Kidman being back on the awards race is how much we missed her fashion presence. This Nina Ricci may not be perfect, it's far from it actually and reminds me a bit too much of Babette the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast but something about it has a certain something that Kidman makes work. Also kudos for not overdoing the Botox this time around, her face hadn't looked this beautiful in years.

Just lovely, lovely, lovely. This belly hugging Azzaro makes Natalie Portman look like a princess.

I don't know where the hell Jennifer Lawrence fell from but she delight me so much with each new red carpet appearance.
This fuchsia Oscar de la Renta is all sorts of wonderful; the leg, the shoes, the black! This is the woman to watch at the Oscars!

It's a thrill to see Amy Adams not dressing like she's 50! This white Herve L. Leroux might not be the best dress ever but it's an improvement from the boring hair and gowns she's been wearing all season long.

Oh January Jones, how do we all look at you for fashion forward-ness. I don't care that you decided to cheat on Versace this time because this Carolina Herrera is nothing if not majestic!
The print is incredible (surely shows Beyoncé how to do black and gold...) and the hair is classic yet off putting.
As usual she might be the best dressed woman.

What do you think of these lovely ladies? Thoughts on the awards themselves?


Robert said...

OH my gosh Tina Fey. She looks perfect. And Jennifer Lawrence? WOW.

As for the awards themselves...I quite like "The King's Speech" but...really?

Jose said...

Robert: I have such a crush on JL right now! Don't understand how can she be so magnificent at each event?

Candice Frederick said...

jennifer lawrence and natalie portman nailed the red carpet last night.

Lucas Dantas said...

oh gawd i'm in love with jennifer lawrence!! she's only 20 ho!!! she's so gorgeous!

Lucas Dantas said...

oh and yes, i LOVE nicole's dress. it's kinda weird, looks like an old retired dominatrix thing, but... maybe i'm biased, i love everything she does.

Luke said...

January tends to look a little space cadet on the red carpet, but she does make some of the most daring choices - this one was a success in my book. Great kick-off with Tina, though. For someone who heralds herself such a spaz when it comes to looking good, she cleans up nice. :)