Sunday, January 16, 2011

Style Sunday.

On this edition we take a glance at this week's award shows best looks.

Jennifer Garner (oh how I miss her at the Oscars) is divine in this structured Roland Mouret minidress. Nobody does architectural femininity like Mr. Mouret and his dresses are so magnificent in their simplicity that accessories aren't even that necessary because you're exploring all the amazing details in the handcraft of the gown. Brilliant.

Natalie Portman has been getting some bad reviews for this Vionett (Joan Rivers said she looked like a boy LOL) but in all fairness she does precisely the opposite of this.
This is what I imagine Audrey Hepburn to have looked like during her pregnancy!

When I first saw Jennifer Lawrence I didn't even know who she was. She's just astonishingly beautiful and this full on glamor look comes off as a total slap from the simplistic look she had in Winter's Bone. Yes, that movie is about a poor child living in the Ozarks who hunts squirrel, but then it's a testament to how good Lawrence is, that she looks older and hellishly sexy in this L'Wrenn Scott.

Look at that itty bitty baby bump! Natalie Portman is adorable in a column dress from Gianfranco Ferré for the Critics' Choice Movie Awards where she won Best Actress.
As cute as she looks and everything, I really hope that as the weeks draw closer to the Oscars, she realizes that as facile and practical it is to wear flowy dresses to hide the belly, someone with her petite figure might benefit from the tight fitting looks Heidi Klum has chosen to go for during her pregnancies. Portman is way too young to pull off the classy mini-moo moo look.

Also Armie Hammer is one fine looking gentleman. But is it me or his name is more appropriate for a porn star?

So this was last week in fashion, excited about the Globes tonight?


Castor said...

I'm boycotting the Golden Globes tonight. Not that I would be watching anyway ahha

Jose said...

Hahaha well, I'll give you a fashion update tomorrow ;)