Sunday, February 5, 2012

Style Sunday.

My new obsession (i.e. Rooney Mara) can apparently do no fashion-wrong. Right? Even if she has stayed in the safety zone of black-grey-white, no other movie star this red carpet season has played so much with fabrics, styles and structures as Mara has.
This Givenchy dress is absolutely beautiful; the overlay of transparent fabric over a bodice like structure makes for quite a risky statement, she could've ended up looking like she was wearing a slutty robe over her PJs.

Instead, more than anyone else she's recalling the straight forward taste of Audrey Hepburn (see the simple hair and the natural makeup) More often than not, Rooney lets the clothes speak for themselves and never tries to upstage them, making for a breathtaking synergy.

How have you liked Mara this season?


Luke said...

I can't help but be partial to Noomi, but I must say she hasn't disappointed. Though I fear she'll be nailed to that scowling waif look in all her future film endeavors...

Paolo said...

I cannot wait to see what she's going to wear to the Oscars especially because she hasn't been given too many chances to do her thing on the red carpet.