Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spanish Lessons.

 The ladies at the Goyas always have amazing styles (it might be the second best Academy red carpet after the Oscars and before the BAFTAs) what better example than Elena Anaya looking like a goddess in Lanvin. She followed Emma Stone's Golden Globes lead but brought it down to basics. Where Stone was a Harley Aphrodite, Elena is a glorious Athena!

Goya Toledo is perfection in this simple Elie Saab, yes there is such a thing as a simple Elie Saab. The skin tone and sparkles give her a sexy quality that's only highlighted by her simple hair and makeup.

Salma Hayek knows how to work 'em and even if her "look at my boobs" looks get a bit exhausting after a while, you can't deny sister looks good. This burgundy Gucci Premiere is great, paying homage to Spain's ruffles while remaining consistent with the Gucci look.

Marta Etura might not be particularly stunning in this Gucci gown, but I wanted to include her because I was so surprised to realize she's the Vice-president of the Spanish Film Academy! This is the equivalent of having I don't know, Julianne Moore being second in command at AMPAS and I mean that as a great thing of course!

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