Friday, February 10, 2012

Cutest Oscar Nominees: Class of 2011.

Well, duh? Right?
Y'all know I'm absolutely obsessed with Rooney Mara and while the world seems to have decided she's an ice princess, I think her quiet demeanor screams Audrey Hepburn. No one, I repeat, no one else right now is channeling quintessential, movie star effortlessness like she does. With her Audrey hair, Kate Hepburn style and Grace Kelly, well, grace, she's just perfect.

Bret McKenzie is the kind of guy you want to put in your pocket and keep there forever, except for the times when you'd get him out and have him sing to you. The former Flight of the Concords member breathed new life into The Muppets franchise, his nominated song being just one of the endlessly brilliant musical moments featured in the movie.

One of the greatest things about scouting Oscar luncheon pics is seeing all the people who have movie star faces, but are working behind the scenes (I'm looking at you Dion Beebe!) and this year, the OMG moment came courtesy of Hallvar Witzo, the director of short film nominee Tuba Atlantic.
I am sure his directing work is good and all, but don't you want to see him in a 300 inspired movie or I don't know, beating the crap out of Daniel Craig in an all nude James Bond action sequence?

It's your turn now, what Oscar nominee makes you sigh, play with your hair and go all "aww shucks" at the thought of them?


Ryan T. said...

Hell to the yeah on Bret McKenzie. Mmhmmm!

Paolo said...

Why hello Hallvar Witzo. I just saw Tuba Atlantic which was quirky as hell and made the live shorts selection 40% better than the animated ones. And yes, he's hot. Scandinavians.