Sunday, November 13, 2011

Style Sunday.

When the year ends, I am pretty sure this look will be among my favorite of 2011. Gwyneth Paltrow was a vision of glamour, style and old Hollywood class in this stunning Elie Saab column dress. Attending the Bambi Awards in Germany, Paltrow was able to overcome the idea that too much glitter blinds the beholder. The dress' beading is beautiful without being showy, the craftsmanship stuns without overwhelming, and paired with a gorgeous diamond choker, Paltrow once more reminds us what a fashion icon she has always been.

As someone who always take risks and more than ever has been showing off her lovely figure - as she approaches 40! - Gwynnie truly was the queen of the night.

 Emma + Lanvin = bliss.

What's your take on Gwynnie's shiny look? Too much bling or is she sartorial perfection? Am I alone in wanting to worship at the altar of Emma Stone's Greek shrine?


andrés said...

you are not alone! emma is just astounding. perfect :)

Paolo said...

I like Gywn's because of the length but the material on Emma is ethereal. I never thought I would describe her as such.

In a perfect world, they would exchange dresses.

Lucas Dantas said...

gwyneth paltrow humiliates the rest of humanity: ALWAYS!