Sunday, November 6, 2011

Style Sunday.

Noomi Rapace evoked old Hollywood glamour in this stunningly simple Giambatista Valli dress. Gotta love how she keeps it so simple in the hair and makeup department and allows the dress to do all the work for her.

Lately I feel that Annie has abandoned me. I miss her in movies and even if she has a ton coming up, she should be in at least a movie a month, no? With that said, I'm not sure if my undying love for her makes me worship her public appearances so much, or this Valentino beaded dress is actually worthy of writing about. You help me decide.

When Naomi Watts gets it right, she gets it right. Even if she always seems to favor nude colors and simple designs, here she proves that sometimes sticking to what you know is the best strategy. This Stella McCartney design just reassures us that Naomi's undeniable sexiness would've made her ideal for that other rumored Marilyn biopic. She exudes class and sensuality with such effortlessness that it's just amazing.

Who of these ladies is your fave?


Amir said...

I've always had a crush on Naomi. She's incredibly classy.

Of these three looks though, the only thing i can manage to say about Noomi Rapace is WOW.

Paolo said...

As much as I think that it's unfair that Noomi isn't permanent on Hollywood yet, I also wish that Carice van Houten got half of the same attention. Nonetheless, love the dress.

Candice Frederick said...

noomi rapace. the rest of them can go fly a kite (especially hathaway) lol.

Jose said...

Amir: yes! Also, Naomi should be just as big as Nicole. So underrated, even her husband choice was flawless!

Paolo: well, Carice has made some shitty movie choices post. black Book, no? Maybe Game of Thrones will break her through.

Candice: LOL poor Annie! But yes Noomi is spectcaular!

Paolo said...

I liked Black Book despite ridiculous spots. I just rewacthed it recently.

Oh, and she played Clive Owen's wife in a movie that's going nowhere.