Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sheet-y Saturday.

Japanese people have a strange sense of humor and very different aesthetics from us Westerners but I really can't guess what they were trying to go for with this poster for Young Adult. Between the Hello Kitty shirt and the disheveled hair there's really no big contrast. Were they trying to show that Char is up to no good but has potential? Because so far look like lazy Sunday outfits.

The looks on CaMu and Fassy in this poster say it all. They didn't even need to bother saying the name of the movie. What a superb work this is. I am dying to see this one...


Paolo said...

I actually like the Japanese Young Adult poster because it shows Mavis' many sides.

Also, despite some ideological problems, I like Shame.

Jose said...

Now I'm curious about both. Lucky you and your location.