Sunday, July 17, 2011

Style Sunday.

The first thing I thought when I saw this dress was "the French are glad to die for love". It's Satine! Nicole Kidman looks better than she has in years in this lush Ellie Saab cherry dress. The length works wonders for her and the tiny flaps on her hips make her look curvier and sexy. Gotta love how the color brings out her hair's fiery richness too!

SJP rocks this Oscar de la Renta, which resembles the Alexander McQueen she wore last year to the CFDA awards. Best of all? The jacket she paired it with, looks like she just "threw something on" before attending a red carpet.

Finally Emma Watson blew me away in this truly magnificent Bottega Veneta. The color isn't only perfect for her pale skin tone, it actually makes her glow! Notice the structural beauty of the dress, on top its nude-ish corset, paired with her slick hair makes it seem like she's a bathing beauty and below the cascading pieces of fabric give her a truly regal appearance. I thought this was a Marchesa but regardless of the couturier, Emma looks magical!

What do you think of these ladies? Love Satine as much as I do? Did you go see Harry Potter this weekend?


Castor said...

Emma Watson needs to let her hair grow again!

Robert said...

God, Emma Watson looks stunning! And Nicole, always amazing. Hahaha

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

What the hell is Nicole Kidman eating? Who is dressing her? She's looked ridiculously radiant these past few weeks.