Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet HD Tooth.

Y'all remember Chocolat? That cute little movie people grew to hate because it got a Best Picture Oscar nomination? Which also kept me all confused throughout the entire awards season because Juliette Binoche and Julia Roberts were nominated for Best Actress and their smiles were so similar! Julia kept all demure in the tiny boxes, saving that toothy hole until she won the Oscar. Anyway, the movie came out on Blu-ray and I reviewed it for PopMatters, so go check that out.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Johnny Depp WISHES he could make something as good as this today. Just imagine in 2000 he made this AND Before Night Falls. It's a shame he's become so lazy.

But, this movie is made of pure joy, it's much lighter than the novel it's based on...but better, too.

TomS said...

I am SO fond of this movie! I never understood the backlash against it. I don't think the American sensibility can produce something both as whimsical and as thoughtful as this. Thank you for reminding me of it! (I also enjoyed the screen reunion of Binoche and her "Unbearable Lightness..." co-star Lena Olin.)

Anonymous said...

Very nice José!


Jose said...

Andrew: exactly! I even liked him back then.

Tom: You're right, it's so old world but it was still pretty much a studio flick. I loved the golden age of Miramax!

Thanks pops!

Luke said...

Ugh - me likey the Chocolat. Don't care about the hate-spewing that ensued. Portman at her best in the soundtrack department, and it's endlessly charming. Is that such a crime? I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking so.