Sunday, April 17, 2011

Style Sunday.

As you may have heard, or not, Gwyneth Paltrow wrote a cookbook yes, Oscar winners eat too.
Anyway my beloved Gwyn has spent the entire week promoting her book all over the US and in the process has sported some of her best looks ever.
Let's start with this simply stunning Vionnet (this house does no wrong I tell you!) which highlights Paltrow's luscious legs and gives her a nice summer meets classy vibe.

She's stunning in this Alexander Wang sheath and asymmetrical dress. Gwyn wore this during one of the wet New York mornings they had last week and truly she made the sun come out. Doesn't she look amazingly fresh and bright?

Will you be buying Gwyn's book?


El pillo said...

Vionnet was WAY better when Kokosalaki was designing for 'em.

That first look is ok.

Robert said...

I love the Wang! Awwww. Gwyneth always looks so lovely. I had no idea she wrote a cookbook, I wonder if the recipes are any good?