Friday, April 15, 2011

She's After Me!

"After Beth, do you need another controversy?"
- Nina (Natalie Portman) to Thomas (Vincent Cassel) in Black Swan.

Remember Sarah Lane? The lady who keeps messing with Natalie Portman's "dancing" in Black Swan?
Well, she's back! Not satisfied with Darren Aronofsky's recount of the dance shots Portman did (he said 111/128) Lane had the film's editor, Andy Weisblum, do another count of long shot scenes in which you see Nina's full body, not just Portman's gorgeous face.
Weisblum confirms that in fact out of those full body shots, almost 70% are Sarah, but wait, why is she doing this again?

According her she doesn't want "the fame, the recognition or anything" yet she keeps on making a big deal and blabbing on and on about her important part in the role to whoever lends an ear. the truth is that anyone in their right mind knows that Portman didn't become a ballerina in less than two years, it's just impossible! Even if out there, there might be a potential movie from the makers of The Blind Side that might try to prove me wrong.

Lane was interviewed by ABC News where she went on and on and on and on and on... (read full interview here)

The one thing that remains clear to me about this whole thing is that,

I also have been thinking what would happen if ALL people who inspire characters, went on to seek recognition for their influence and the ungratefulness of the actors?

Oh Meryl Streep, you'd be in deep shit...

Holocaust Survivors would demand she endured Auschwitz before making Sophie's Choice.
Catholic school survivors would send her to a convent before she even dared take on her role in Proof.
She'd have to be Anna Wintour's intern before taking on The Devil Wears Prada.
She'd have to be exposed to radioactivity for Silkwood, have an affair with a photographer for Bridges of Madison County and well, die for Death Becomes Her.
Isn't it ridiculous that some people have forgotten that actors, act? I'm buying Portman as a psycho ballerina and if not even the documentary in the Blu-ray lessened the impact of her performance, this lady keeps losing her time...

Got any more examples of actors that would have to redo their filmography to please Ms. Lane?


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Oh, Jose - you're so mean. But, because I can't resist - it's too easy - James Franco would have to actually saw off that arm of his. Okay, thanks. I'm out.


Castor said...

Ok Sarah Lane, time to go back to obscurity. I understand pointing it once but coming back again and making a big deal of it... no one cares anymore.

Mikhael Tarigan said...

I don’t care about dance. Portman deserves the Oscar just for that scene where she puts the make-up while (or after) crying.

“I’m not Nina Sayers if I’m not dancing while I’m bloody bleeding"

Simon said...

Sandra Bullock needs to adopt a poor black boy.


(I don't feel good about that o ne)