Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sheet-y Saturday.

Where we take a look at posters for upcoming features.

I find both Kelly Reichardt and Michelle Williams to be some of the most overrated figures in contemporary cinema. However something has fascinated me about this poster for Meek's Cutoff. Despite its True Grit by way of hipsters vibe there is something almost primal in its simple design.

Now, is this creepy or what?

Would you hang these on your walls?


Castor said...

Drive-by potshot at Michelle Williams!!

The posters are original looking but visually, not very attractive IMO. I wouldn't hang those on my walls ;)

Simon said...

I've never heard of Natural Selection.

Oh, Meek's Cutoff. That's about as badass as a WB refugee will ever look. Good for her, I say.

Runs Like A Gay said...

I really like that Meek's Cutoff poster - dramatic and simple. Would consider in my hallway... if the walls were the right colour.

Robert said...

Oh Jose! I'm guessing you didn't like Wendy and Lucy that much? ;) But the poster for Meek's Cutoff is very intriguing.

And the Natural Selection poster is the best kind of WTF - I really like Rachel Harris so it should be interesting to see what happens with that one. haha

Luke said...

Bummer about you not being a fan of Michelle, but exciting about the liking of the poster! I think it's kind of stellar, and I'm thrilled to see her with so much work this year.

And I'm ECSTATIC about Natural Selection! I've been in love with Rachael Harris ever since she used to do the VH1 I Love the... series. She was always my favorite.

M. Hufstader said...

Dude, I haven't heard of Natural Selection, but after that poster I'm definitely checking it out. W. T. F.