Sunday, February 20, 2011

Style Sunday.

Cate the great is always such a joy for the senses. Dressed in a simple Balenciaga dress she makes it all about her gorgeous face with a Van Cleef and Arpels necklace that draw us to her regal beauty.
The hair and makeup are simple and give Blanchett a quirky sexiness she doesn't display too often.

I can not wait to see her at the Oscars! Who do you think she'll wear?

PS: speaking of style, I recently wrote a piece on this year's Oscar nominees for Best Costume Design. Click here to read it.


Luke said...

C'mon Jose - Cate Blanchett and you have to be chums with as much press as she gets in your Style Sunday columns. Go tell her if she's going to be walking so many red carpets, she should start blessing us with some more great screen performances!

Jose said...

Haha, I wish Cate was my chum. However she's usually featured here because she's so freaking flawless. I miss her in good movies too :(
Robin Hood was way too little to fill our thirst for so long huh?

Luke said...

Yeah no kidding! So unfulfilling, in fact, that I didn't even remember that she was in a movie in 2010!

Runs Like A Gay said...

Whatever happened to that quickie she filmed with Soderbergh in Australia (Last Time I saw Michael Gregg) not that I suppose it wil be a big hit but I'm sure she'll be great in it.

As for tonight you know she'll be stunning, but simple, keeping herself in the background and letting others shine (and make the mistakes).