Sunday, February 13, 2011

(BAFTA) Style Sunday.

Poor Julianne Moore has been so snubbed all awards season long that it made sense she showed red carpets what they were missing out on for ignoring her. After her faux pas at the Golden Globes she makes it up with this wonderful Tom Ford design. The deco inspired front and the giant bow in the back make her look like the heir to Ava Gardner.

Thandie Newton is a BAFTA staple and with reason: she's such a beautiful, beautiful woman (also she won a BAFTA for Crash) she's a vision in this stunning Monique Lhuillier. The color and structure more than compliment Thandie's natural beauty.

What the hell is it with big fantasy starlets and not smiling? (I'm looking at you Kristin Stewart) Emma Watson seems to follow the emo example and in the process takes away some points from her gorgeously detailed Valentino dress.

Hailee Steinfeld, bless her heart.
When she was nominated for an award in the old continent she must've assumed she needed to dress like Queen Elizabeth and went with this matronly Miu Miu ensemble that not only ages her terribly but also makes her Mattie Ross from True Grit seem absolutely glamorous.

Well hello Miss Bening! Annette has rarely looked as sexy and free spirited as she does in this simple Marchesa dress. Good riddance to her usual black and may she wow us at the Oscars!

The amazing Noomi Rapace, rocked the droll red carpet in this beaded Givenchy Couture gown. Taking such risks for an awards show rarely pay off this well and in this curve hugging golden creation pulls it off.
Noomi's the antithesis of her iconic Lisbeth Salander and boy do I like it!

Did you guys see the BAFTAs? Who was your fave dressed? Fave win?


Castor said...

Wow that's Noomi Rapace?? I would have a hard time recognizing her without you telling me ;) And yes, Steinfeld looks matronly but heck, she is 14. No big deal!

Robert said...

AWWW I'm disappointed in Hailee. She's been so fantastic on the red carpet all season and then...this? Yipes. Annette Bening is simply stunning though.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I third the Annette love, she looks sooooo vibrant. Very Sydney Ellen Wade (aka American President era Annette).

Candice Frederick said...

omg i didn't see thandie--she looked stuning! i was also psyched to see julianne came dressed correct. noomi looks HOT! who knew?! annette looked good too. poor hailee steinfeld still hasn't found any fashion sense...

Jose said...

Castor: uh huh. Yummy isn't she? Hahaha

Robert: Hailee will rock the Oscars probably. Annette surprised me though, she's usually so dull.

Andrew: soooooooo vibrant. Love it!

Candice: Noomi is actually beautiful! This proves why I love her complete change as Lisbeth Salander so much.