Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hayden Gets It Right!

Actually this is the way she makes me feel in general!
However I'm utterly psyched about Scream 4. FYI the Scream trilogy is actually my favorite movie three-parter of all time.
People usually expect me to go all snob (the Apu Trilogy), all classic (The Godfather) or all geek (The Lord of the Rings) when it comes to trilogies but no siree, I'm a good old fashioned horror freak in this case. In fact people react to this in the way they do when I tell them how much I love Gwyneth Paltrow: you can see they have lost some respect for me but at the same time are shocked I didn't bother to lie.
Best part is: I never feel guilty (in the pleasurable way) about it!

So, what's the movie you unabashedly love despite getting raised eyebrows from others?

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Lucas Dantas said...


i even get laughs when i say it's a wonderful movie about teens and people should start trying to see beneath the crazy 90's surface.

and since i'm a shower, i tell them how it's based on jane austen's "emma" and all those other craps we only say to hear people reply that they'll try to look at it with other eyes, then your ego is pleased.

and hey yes: i'm very excited bout scream 4 toooooo!!!