Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion: Meh

The first sight we got of Anne Hathaway was in this confusing red Valentino (she walked the red carpet with Mr. Garabani himself whose skin color matched the gown).
This reminds me of one of Anne's first Oscars, where she wore a drapy, complicated Marchesa, it didn't work that time, it most definitely didn't do much on this occasion.

I love Pe and you all know it.
I wasn't even expecting her to be at the Oscars because well, she just gave birth (love the boobs by the way...) so when I first saw her my heart stopped and I felt a rush of joy.
However when I saw what she was wearing I was less than thrilled. This L'Wrenn Scott is beautiful but it reminds me too much of Miss Universe or a European awards show where people do wear things like this.
However I felt it looked odd for the most stylish red carpet in the was just a bit too much, yet so little effort at the same time?

Mandy Moore is all sorts of cute in this Monique Lhuillier but Marion Cotillard did it better.

So am I right on sticking these ladies in fashion limbo?
Do you love or hate any of the looks?


Candice Frederick said...

i didn't mind mandy moore's dress (couldn've lost the top spiderweb-effect though). this dress anne had on i didn't love. i also didn't love penelope's dress (and i am usually obsessed with her style)

Jose said...

I was so disappointed with Pe :(
I guess all the drugs they gave her for the baby birth threw her style a bit off.

Castor said...

Anne Hathaway's dress were fine but she had way too much makeup to go with it, she looked like a clown in close-ups.

Jose said...

C, that's not a nice thing to say about a lady LOL.