Sunday, November 14, 2010

Style Sunday.

Sarah Jessica Parker hosted the Bambi awards in Germany changing dress more than seven times. This Elie Saab goth princess look is my favorite though. Just see how easy it seems to wear and how gorgeous she looks with those lose tresses and just take a look at the shoes!
This woman can never do wrong.

When in Rome...
To walk the CMAs red carpet for her big country singer debut, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have decided it was time she tried to fit in with others fashion-wise at least.
So she went to Atelier Versace and asked them to make her a brilliant version of the rainbow dress Faith Hill wore to the Oscars a decade ago.
The genius workers at Versace came up with a dress that's one part Donatella Versace, two parts country glitter, a gazillion parts sexy and classy all the way.
Despite the degradé being difficult to pull off Gwyn manages to do so because all those colors work just so perfect with her skin tone and blond hair. We also love she got her figure back, she has never been the curvy type but she does look amazing in this dress (that leg!).

Why do you think Gwyn and SJP are always so flawless when it comes to clothes? Have you ever seen them do wrong?

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