Monday, November 29, 2010

Live From the Kodak, It's Anne Hathaway!

Everyone and their moms have already commented on the great news that the lovely Ms. Hathaway will host the Oscars next year (oh yeah co-host with this dude called James Franco) so as you can imagine from the love I profess for her all the time (just click on her name in the tags down there) I obviously wasn't going to let the moment pass without a celebration.
I was at the office when I found out the awesome news and when I went for lunch what was my surprise if not to see that the November issue of Vogue had just arrived to my local magazine store.
Who's on the cover? Of course it's her...
Now if you'll excuse me, I've had a long day, I proceed to retire to bed with Ms. Anne.

How did you all like this news? (The Oscars, not me in bed with Annie...)

For the press release go here.


Castor said...

The Academy is obviously trying to attract a younger crowd. Ultimately, this doesn't really affect anything, the ceremony will still be a doozer and no one under the age of 50 will tune in lol

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

As soon as I heard the news I thought, what or who (raises eyebrows) did Jose do to make this happen.

Jose said...

Castor: yay though!

Andrew: almost 6000 sexual favors in one week. Do you mind if I sit? I'm quite tired.